Saturday, March 26, 2011

mushkit pillow

 Okay, so I'm taking a chance here, this is actually a birthday gift for my mom at the end of april, I'm hoping she doesn't see the pics, she doesn't read my blog, so..... well she's a big girl, she can act surprised even IF she saw pics...
My mom loves cats and I saw the VEGGIE cat patterns and had her pick her favorite which I then ordered.
it's really a wall hanging but she wanted a pillow sham instead and measured a pillow she had already and it was just a smidge off from the pattern, so after I made this and figured out how to do the back and sewed it all together, I went around and sewed 1/4" or so around the edge all the way around, I think it will look cute with the edge once it has a pillow in it.

here's details of the quilting.

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