Friday, March 18, 2011

Matching portfolios to the owls

Two weeks ago we went to VA to pick up a truck for my husband, a few days before I had gotten a fabric order from and I also bought a pattern/ kit with these cute little portfolios ( the kit wasn't THESE fabrics) though these are all from Connecting threads also....
Anyways I made two different portfolios for my kids as a surprise for the 6hr car ride. They loved theirs.

Two of their friends have a birthday in about a week,( two girls) and their brother had one in january, he had seen the owls a while ago and told my son he'd love to get one, so I made him one for his birthday, plus a little toy.
So now the girls are having a birthday they HAVE to have some owls too, so I made matching portfolios as well, I think they will love them.

Here they are opened, I had a somewhat hard time finding these little drawing pads they are 5 x 7, walmart doesn't have them but target does, so I got a pack of 5 and I've made 3 portfolios so the other one is in that one ( plus two for my kids)
It's a really cute and pretty easy thing to make and here I following the pattern for 3 FQs and cutting the front into strips, but it also suggests using charms or whatever you want!
My kids school is having a craft show in april, I'm helping plan it, but I'll also have a booth there, I want to have little stuff like this, because I'm sure most don't want to spend $$$ on quilts right now... well I'll bring them still but little stuff like this might sell, how much would you pay for a thing like this? and the owls?
I've sold the owls for 15-20$ I'm thinking about 15$ for the portfolio but I don't know.

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