Thursday, March 10, 2011

art studio

Uhh, lots of "wierd" and cool things have been happening.
First I had this interview setup for WRAL ( our local TV station) for a lady from their BLOG dept. come and talk to me about being a mom that works from home etc. about my quilting, though she had to postpone it until next week because she has a sick baby at home :-( but I can wait....

Then this weekend I got a phone call from a local art studio in siler city, NC.
This coming friday march 18th they are starting this artist walk for chatham county and she wants to display some of my quilts for me and possibly sell some for me too. So I've jumped right on that!! I dropped off 10 quilts at the studio earlier today.

I also just finished a quilt top for the class I'll teach at chatham county community college in may, so I have to finish that soon and get it over there to display before signups start hopefully.
I hope this class will be a success, I already have another quilt in mind to teach for another class.
The first "gunie pig" class is teaching VERY basic quilting using the yellow brick road pattern.
For my 2nd class I'm thinking a sampler quilt, teach basic, cutting, triangles, curves, templates, paper piecing, accuquilt Go! etc....
PHEW so many quilts so little time
Oh I also have a few gifts I need to finish soon.

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Barb said...

You do have some fun stuff happening....that is fantastic. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog about Ricky Tims stabilizer...