Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quilt show at School and Pre-superbowl quilt

This monday I was asked by a teacher at my kids' school to come and show off my quilts- he was a 4th grade teacher, my kids are 3rd and Kindergarten, so I don't really know any of the 4th grade teachers. Anyways, we agrees that I would come in, well then the other 4th grade teachers wanted to see too or rather have their classes see too, so it ended up being 5 4th grade classes that sat down and looked, I asked a friend to come and help hold up some of the quilts, so that was a great help, the day before I was packing up all my quilts and PHEW I didn't know I had that many quilts at home- my husbands says HE knew...... LOL
anyways, the show was fun and the kids asked great questions and seemed to enjoy it.

Now this is my neighbors quilt and I've had it for a few weeks to wait to be quilted, I didn't know what to quilt, nothing cute nothing girly nothing leaf like.... I got it on the frame to get inspired yesterday, THEN (and forgive me) realized the steelers are in the superbowl this weekend. DUH- we just don't watch sports in my house, so I really didn't know.... So now I got ideas!!
IF, they win I'd "embroider" the steelers name the XVwhatever the number is and SUPERBOWL 2011 Winners on the yellow border, I think that would be fun!, then I thought of footballs, the diamond sort of shape that's their logo..... well it's on the frame until after sunday, so we'll see. It sure helps to get a quilt on the frame :-)

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