Friday, January 28, 2011

blazing star Accuquilt Go!

I've been having fun with the Go! cutter, haven't done as much as I would have liked.
I really love love love the blazing star die. Last week I got an email from (SURPRISE!) and they had fabrics for 3.95 so I looked at saw these cute pastels.
Then I used EQ6 and designed the blazing star layout above and figured out the fabrics I needed and ordered them, today I got the fabrics in the mail and I washed them and then tonight started cutting out everything. well I forgot about the waste, so I don't have enough of the blues, SO I had to go back in EQ and re-design it, I did a 4 x 4 grid then and widened the sashing strips.
I hardly have any leftover fabric left, other than the junky strips from the dies. I'm going to toss that, it's just not worth keeping, they are too small, all stuck together and wonky shapes and wierd direction on the fabric.....
I usually love bright colors, but think this will look cute in the pastel colors.

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