Sunday, January 23, 2011

batik triangle quilt

I finally finished this quilt, I designed it in EQ, then ordered fabrics from which TWICE they sent one of the fabrics wrong.... so I wasted time just waiting for that to come.
finally pieced the top, while I was quilting it, I figured I MIGHT run out of thread, also because it was so dense ( I started before thanksgiving) so I ordered more right away plus a few more cones of thread just to get my shipping's worth. the box came without the TAN!! which was on b/o so that didn't come until after christmas, by then I DID run out of the thread, 1/4 row of the border short..... so I had to take it off the frame because I had a customer's quilt I had to work on first. Then finally got the thread and the quilt back on the frame to just finish quilting it in less than 30 min.
The binding was already cut out and sewn together, so that went pretty quick sewing that on. and while I've been working on it, my husband CLAIMED the quilt, so I embroidered this lovely label for it.- HEY I gotta let him have it and kiss up a little, after all he lets me buy all this fabric all the time :-)
I'm thinking of entered this into a quilt show. we'll see
And I'm also making a pdf pattern for this one

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