Wednesday, November 3, 2010

solar system panel quilt for my son

My son's birthday is in august, since we went to Denmark in mid july and came back in early august, I had 2 weeks to make him this quilt.
I had bought the main solar system panel before we left from an etsy store, the panel and matching star fabric glows in the dark, so cool!
so again I tried to design something in EQ6 and came up with this.
I wanted stars in the borders too but knew I didn't have much time, so I did this simple paper pieced star, when I had all the blocks done and laid them out I realized I had mid calculated and totally missed a row or section, and I only had scraps left over, but I MANAGED! the hard part was the yellow, I just barely made it, and with the time crunch, I quilted it two nights before his birthday and did the bindind and label the night before his birthday, PHEW, he loves it, and for a while had it in his bed, now it's on his wall.
Now that it's getting colder, we might just take it down again :-)

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