Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lots happened since june

Wow, lots of new things have happened, well first I finally got DSL..... now I can actually do this without it taking forever and then stall halfway thru uploading pics.
I've done lots of things since june too, in july/august for 3 weeks I took the kids back to Denmark to see family and friends :-)
About quilting? phew, lots and lots.
Okay, first I can reveal my mom's birthday gift, she turned 60 this year, which was the reason for finally going over there too.

Wow, this only took 5 seconds to upload, I'm doing more.
Okay so I forgot that the pics show up on top of the text, moving them down took longer than uploading, well enough about that.
This quilt was for my mom, the pic in the middle was her as a baby, I tried different methods of getting the photo on fabric, the iron on I didn't like and messed up one after I had made the block then accidentally ironed part of it again and it melted, so I scrapped that and instead did the freezer paper method, where I ironed freezer paper on the back of the fabric, trimmed down to 8 1/2 x 11" and shoved it thru the printer, worked great, just make sure the edge feeding into the machine is perfectly smooth and straight cut.
I had tried a mini one first and also tried to hand wash it and rub it a little and let dry and faded just a tad, that's the one on the label on the back- which I embroidered on my brother disney embroidery machine AND this one is not strickly my label maker machine, it kept jamming my fabrics this summer and my husband is now a pro at taking the machine apart and vaccuum out lint, but that didn't help, so for a while I had pieced fabrics with the walking foot, which worked fine but not ideal. One day in august I think, we went to costco and there was a simple sewing machine on sale, I really only need a straight stitch, nothing fancy, for $140, we bought it and it works great, I know it won't last in the long run, BUT if it lasts maybe 2 yrs I'll be happy, it would probably be one the kids can use at that point too. haven't figured which NICE machine I really NEED, but it's up there in price and we just don't have the $ for that now, until I earn big bucks quilting LOL.

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