Monday, June 14, 2010

June 2010

It sure has been a while since I posted, I've actually been very busy with customer quilts and then end of school stuff and dance recital etc with the kids.
My lovely nieghbor gave me thse embroidered labels a while ago, she met someone who does embroidery, I can actually do it too, but these were fun! they inspired me :-)
So school is over and I planned on making two little mini quilts for my son's teachers, table toppers.... I also found out both retired this year.
I found out what the teacher's favorite colors were and went with the same pattern and made two of the same quilts just using different fabrics, as you can tell one likes GREEN, the other likes all colors, I found I had this CUTE school fabric and just HAD to use it, I couldn't help myself from using it on the back for both- after all they are teachers!
do you spy my boo boo on the colored one below? it's not a big deal that's why I kept it that way....

I bought a book on how to machine applique with the same style as needle turn and I made this one, I used ricky timms stabilzer for the inside of each one, it was a neat process, for for applique I still LOVE hand done and I will make more like that.
it's hard to tell but I did alot of feathers on the background and thread art on the flowers and leaves.

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