Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ribbit smart plate quilt applique frog quilt

I saw this fabric and HAD to make a quilt with it, I've seen it at JoAnns for a loong time, but finally decided to do something. - a spur of the moment decision, I was supposed to just buy batting and backing when I went, but how can that happen without buying something for another quilt?
So I used the smart plate quilting for another kaleidoscope quilt and this time added a small border, I had planned on just using that fabric for the backing just like the pink one I made, but it just looked so good when I laid it out next to the quilt top, but it was missing something when I sewed the border on!
I took a scrap piece of frog fabric and scanned it and printed it LARGE, I had to split it into 4s in photoshop and print individually and then tape together to make the frog big enough, I did needle turn applique and used ricky timms stable stuff for the stabilizer, no need to remove it, just soaked the corner overnight and dried a day, then quilted it, I did a free form sort of swirly wavy thing in light green and just outlined the frog, so he's kind of puppy like trapunto.
This was the frog I scanned!
Don't know yet who'll get this quilt.

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Cindy said...

My daughter loves frogs, so I am always looking for cute frog stuff...This quilt came out so great for a spur of the moment quilting decision. I love it!