Wednesday, April 21, 2010

go to the moon and far east

Finally I got around to quilting this top, I had made an asian bargello twist quilt a while ago, and because I ordered the fabrics from, I have to round up to the next half yard, anyways, I had a lot of fabric left over as you can see, I just made up this pattern, easy squares and rectangles, and I had calculated wrong or changed my mind on how to sew it together so I made this brick border around a small red border, it actually looked fine :-)
I gave this to heartland hospice in raleigh!
an overall large feather swirl quilting

so the baby shower I was at last weekend, the hostess was also pregnant and actually due in a few weeks, she had been on bed rest for a while so I hadn't seen her a church and had to ask around about her decor as well, and I heard outer space and saw this fabric at JoAnn's and just HAD to use it, a small quilt again :-)

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