Monday, March 22, 2010

needleturn flowers class

Finally I was able to upload more pics, can't wait until we get highspeed out here in the NC sticks! I had to leave the computer and come back for the pictures to upload.
here's some needleturn flowers I did in a class with some neighbors several weeks ago- I think january, in class we just learned how to do the stem, a leaf, a flower and a circle, I did the rest on my own and added the blue borders and black and brown borders, the pattern showed the grass border, but I widened it.
So I tried to have a try at thread art too, I did the grass in different green colors on my long arm, little veins in the leaves, tiny circles in the flower centers, a sort of petal design on the flowers, circles on the blue border and a free form sort of straight wood grain line on the brown border

hard to tell but the pink is actually two colors

I like it, it's hanging up in my sewing room above my stereo...

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