Saturday, March 6, 2010

how to set up a quilt on Hinterberg frame

So I decided to take a few pictures of the steps I take to put a quilt on my hinterberg summit frame.
The BEST part of this frame is the crank system and rollers, I just love ALL of it.
I took a lot more pictures but just picked a few for here

First I pin the backing to the front roller, I found out that if I do edge to edge it's so much easier and fasterThen I pin the backing to the take up/rear roller, and after that do the batting and top on their front rollers, I then pin the batting and top about an inch below the leader on the rear roller
Here the rollers are hanging losose- or rather the fabric is handing loose.
Here everything is tightened up and ready to go with my voyager 17 machine.

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