Monday, March 22, 2010

Hoppy easter

Hoppy easter!
After I took that needle turn class, I just love to add a little of that on my quilts now if I can, I saw this pattern before the class and just HAD to make it, I don't like to see machine stitcing on appliques..... My next test will be mono filament!! we'll see
anyways, going to karate/ dance lessons with the kids I have a lot of sitting time...
Above pic is before it was put together and quilted and embellished, below the bunny got buttons and bows! meandered tiny tiny oon the white part, did a spli feather on the pink background
did a free form scallop in the squares and a leaf vine on the skinny border and feathers on the order border and fun easter eggs in the corners
the finished quilt!
There are few quilts that I LOVE when I'm done with them, I can be very critical sometimes and wish I had done something different or not done something, you know what I mean, but this one I'm actually proud of..... it will be a family keepsake, NOT for sale :-)

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