Saturday, March 20, 2010

bible quilt

I was going to upload more pics of other quilts, but after that little pop up window crashed on me twice, I'm just doing this quilt for now, tomorrow is another day....
anyways, I recently finished this bible verse quilt.
I went to a quilt show in snaford, NC in january and bought the pattern which came with 3 FQs with printed bible verses on it, I thought it was so neat, so I kept it, then a week or two later, I found out a dear friend at my church ( who watches my daugther alot while I'm at bible study), that she just turned 60.
I just knew this kit was for her!! I had to ask relatives what the colors and style was like, and they all said RED RED RED and she's from nicaragua, and love bright colors too.
So I ended up with this!
I just did a plain meandering over the bible vers blocks, tried some small feathers on some blocks and just different fun things.
little swirly thingys on the yellow border and giant leaves with mini leaves inside, on the large border.

She loved it!

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