Wednesday, February 24, 2010

customer drangonfly quilt

Some customer quilts can be hard and others easy, this was one in the first catagory, though it all worked out.
This lovely couple gave me two quilts to quilt for them, after loading one on my hinty frame and everything set, it was just way skewed and backing too small, I just knew it wouldn't work, so we worked it out that I did their other one and meanwhile they'd get more fabric for the backing, I have to remember to tell people NOT to piece the backing in little pieces.... lesson learned
Anyways, this quilt had some really nice machine embroidered butterflies and drangonflies blocks....
the wife wanted some drangon flies on the border as well.
We met first and discussed designs etc.
Here's pics of the border and blocks.
I did plain meandering in the blocks all in yellow thread BTW. which was a last minute change and I love how it turned out.
around each block are free motion leaves
The outside corner I did a peacock feather- is that what it's called, then the white border next to that I did free motion feathers, on the yellow borders I did the drangon flies and meandering and leaves, and the skinny black border has leaves again, now here the batting was a smidge too skinny, so I did what I could but they have to cut off a little from each yellow border...
they just picked up the quilt and were happy and gave me backing for this other quilt.

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