Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BOM needleturn

I also had to tell about a needle turn class I took two weeks ago, though my class block is done but not the borders.

Then I looked online and found a BOM-

I just love the portability of needle turn and decided to join this BOM and do them, my kids have dance/ karate and even just sitting in front of the TV and still have "family" time, I love doing it. it's soo opposite of my quilting style otherwise, usually I quilt and go go go, here it can take a few days for one block and I don't care, I love the therapy of it, I do consider all quilting therapy!

anyways here's the first block, I decided to go with blue and white.

and I used this interfacing sheet stuff, I have to look up the name again, they are sheets you can even put in the printer, I glue them on fabrics with a glue stick, when the block is done it soaks overnight and the gluey part of the paper inside disappears, but there's still a little stiffness/trapunto feel to it. LOVE IT

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