Saturday, January 30, 2010

I seem to often come back to this little table topper- it's so cute and fun and easy to make.
a little wall hanging- I now have it hanging over my ironing board and I've pinned little notes etc to it
Here's an applique quilt I first didn't want to submit to the county fair, but ended up doing it and it got 1st place!!!
I had a hard time with the little buttons, I needed tiny yellow buttons, so of course could only get an assorted pack of pastels, so I got two packs, then when half the buttons were sewed on and I opened the 2nd pack, the color wasn't the same, so I went back to the store and got one more pack and of course it matched my new opened bag and not the ones on the quilt, so I ripped them all out and started over!!
And another frustration was when I did the machine stitching around the flowers I used embroidery thread, this one blue color kept breaking!!!

Here's the full view- pattern from a magazine.

Another twist on bargello quilt, still have this one hanging on my wall as well.

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