Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hinterberg, voyager 17 long arm machine

it's here!!!
I got my long arm machine- DH and I talked about it for a few weeks and only tried one little machine on a flimsy frame a few towns over, and then DH researched online for several days and we decided to do the JUMP and get a long arm with the frame, instead of a frame with a regular machine! OH, I SOOOOO love this machine!
Hinterberg is a great company, and the Voyager 17 machine is awesome! the frame is super well built and got little cranks and handles and knobs that make it easy to raise and lower and load a quilt.... LOVE IT
One of my first quilts on the frame- I tried to sell this at a local toy store, but it didn't so I picked it up and gave to a friend from church, who was expecting a little boy and who's from Africa, so I thought the whole jungle theme would be cute
And did I mention I got a new craft room, I love it and all the little cubbies- which I never thought I would fill and they are already bursting full now.
BTW, the table DH and I built in FL- or I helped a little, he built most of it.
I helped a little on drywalling the room here, DH built everything else.
That's love right there

Okay, don't look at the mess!

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Ann said...

Oh my! that is one big machine you got there - I must have been wonderful! And the space as such is a dream too.
Lucky duck! ;o)