Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct 31

Happy Halloween.
well if you are INTO it, I'm not really.
my kids are just going trick or treating around the neighborhood of maybe 12 houses :-)
Did I tell you they want to be toilet paper mummies?
so I guess I'm the mummy mommy.
I'm not looking forward to walking around in the cold with a COLD still SNIFF SNIFF cough cough.

last night I did finish some binding on a quilt I made

I think I showed this top before.
Now it's finally quilted and bound- just missing the label.
I made this from a FQ bundle from whistle stop in apex.
I then punched out the isosceles triangles on the GO! cutter.

I long arm quilted sort of roses and leaves, well I call them SORT of roses, they are an ARTISTIC way og doing roses I guess :-)

more of them here.

And look what's on the frame and ready to go!!
I will start this tomorrow :-)

Have a happy and safe trick or treat evening!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

feeling a little better and more owls

Today I'm feeling a little better, not so stuffy, but still sneezing and hacking up half a lung it seems like every 10 min or so. So while my family went to church I stayed home and caught up on some sewing and relaxing :-)

Last night I decided to go upstairs and sew a little, I turned on my portable little heater and stuffed and sewed and finished ( gave birth to) 3 more owls!
the 3rd one is actually a cat christmas fabrics, it's pretty funny!

matching portfolios already made

Did I show you this pattern? I bought this at the Sanford Heart and Hands quilt show last week.
Don't know when I'll get around to making it, but it's cute!!

Here's the finished quilt top using the riley blake FQ bundle I got recently.
I will be making a tutorial shortly on how to make star blocks with direction fabrics and getting everything to point right side up!
It's funny to me, to look at this tiny picture and see how mixed it is, I know the 2nd block from the bottom is very close in tone, so it doesn't show very well, but I was just having fun.
I had 21 FQs but had one block left over, so you really only need 20 and there's minimal waste, maybe a 1 1/2" x 3" scrap, that's it!! inluding the border.
So stay tuned for that tutorial soon!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

something going around

 There must be something going around,
I'm still sick, with a cold! yuck!
I haven't even stepped foot in my sewing room today
and went to bed at 8pm last night.

Well yesterday I quilted my neighbors nativity scene quilt/ wall hanging.

I quilted the main parts in a yellowish beige thread, and the border in dark blue, including the background of the nativity scene ( the wise men and the horizon etc.)
Also on the border I quilted these sort of stars and a line to the border.

I figured I'd share my little cappucino recipe, that I make often and have almost been living off of that and hot tea today and yesterday.
It's SO easy, I make this dry batch and when I want to drink some I heat up a cup of water and addpo a heaping tablespoon of this mix.

1 cup powdered creamer
1 cup nesquick choc milk powder
2/3 cup instant coffee ( a nice brand)
1/2 sugar ( I've tried splenda also)

optional ( I don't do these)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
mix all these together and VOILA! there's a nice instant cappucino mix.
Now I'm not a coffee drinker and I love this :-)

I also had to show that I DID help with SOMETHING today,
the kids wanted to carve out their pumpkins, so my husband and I did the carving and the kids did the STICKY messy parts of taking out the flesh and seeds from inside the pumpkins.
here's the end result.
BTW, I told my kids I'm not buying or making the costumes this year, we are really not into halloween, we will go trick or treating around the neighborhood.
So the kids came up with the idea of toilet paper mummies, we'll see how that goes and I guess I'll be the mummy mommy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of those days...

I think today is just ONE of those days.
I'm having a cold/ sore throat, yuck, just want to stay in bed.
Hope it's not strep! ( my kids never really get sick, they just bring home the germs to me and I get sick once or twice a year with strep)

Well I do have some GOOD news.
Yesterday my hubby came home with a new laptop, so last night and right now, I'm moving files from the old to the new, also backing them up onto an external harddrive we have.
I'm happy to have a new laptop, it's just annoying to go thru all this..... ( Okay I'm sounding like a brat)- blame the cold. ha ha

Well yesterday I did mail out 5 quilts.
One to a customer ( the bluework I posted about earlier)
One for WISH upon a quilt in raleigh- a store sample, a cool quilt top with KAFFE fabrics.
I think the pattern is called slideshow by atkinsons.
anyways I figured I'd showcase some of my quilting in each block.
I hope they like it.

I used a burgundy thread for the border and quilter larger feathers all the way around, then a light green thread for the inside, a curve- corner to corner on the small squares and a loop sort of from one square to the other. ( You can click on the pics and it shows a better close up of it)

Here I did random leaves

a pointed triangle with an echo

a different kind of leaf

meandering with a clover- sort of

basic meandering

sort of a flame with echoing going all the way to the top

swirls and hearts


following the pattern of the fabric

very boxy look

feathers from the center and out

a wavy filler

a curve with echoing

feather filler

swirls and feathers filler

leaf filler from the center and out

wavy filler

feathers in the corners

feathers from the center out

bubbles within bubbles

back of the quilt

close up

Lastly I shipped out 3 quilts to RANDOLPH county quilt show on nov 11th-12th.
I JUST made the cut-off.

I've also been working on a tutorial for a quilt, especially on how to work with directional fabrics on a star block- getting them to point the right way.
Here's a preview- it's not all the way done yet.
( I also used up the FQs, I have a bit of the FQs left so I will work on a border too)

Did I tell you I love to listen to audio books while I sew and quilt?
this is one I just finished.
it's hilarious!
Go to the library and get it.

It's about this 60- some old realtor who wants to commit suicide but then things and life keep getting in the way- hair apointments, showing a house etc... it's funny!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

fat quarter project

Since my house have calmed down a bit after my daughter's party.
I've played with EQ7 and designed a block for the RILEY BLAKE FQ bundle I got last week.
First I used just a simpler 8 pointed star, but after cutting it out, I had more of the FQ left so I figured a sashing that's part of the block and I wanted to applique a circle on it too.
I'm turning it into a pattern/ tutorial which I will post when it's all done.
but here's a preview of SOMEWHAT what it'll look like,

 The blocks are all scrappy of course, well I'm sticking with the same two colors, which I picked when I ironed on the circle for the applique, but each block will be different
Not sure about the border, I'll wait and see.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

BELLE party

I just have to share somoething NON quilt related.
My daughter had her birthday party today and I thought I would show pics of the cake.
A plain large circle covered in green frosting, then a DRESS cake on top

Okay- ignore that BARBIE is naked here! LOL

Ahh, much BETTER :-) her top part sure were tricky.

Since I didn't do fondant or royal icing I just put the "rose" in her hand.

roses at the bottom and a trellis on the sides- just because I had lots of green frosting leftover.

front view

back view

Hearts and hands quilt show 2011 Sanford

Yesterday I went to Sanford to Hearts and Hands Quilt show
with some neighbors.
Here's a few pictures- I took over 100 so I can't show the all!
This one is STRIKING!

The quilting was perfect- then I looked and it was done on a computerized machine- THAT's why!

This one I was VERY surprised didn't get a ribbons, it was nice!

so MUCH detail on every block, hand appliqued, hand sewn ribbons, french knots etc. and hand quilted WOW

More details of it.

This little one was so INTERESTING, it looks like a crazy quilt, but then you look close up!

It's all a bunch of fancy stitched using the sewing machine, such a NEAT idea, never seen anything like it.

This one did not get a ribbon this time but won a ribbon last year at the pine hurst show.

This one got BEST OF SHOW.
It was really cute and nice and well made

isn't that CUTE? hand appliqued with matching thread and a button hole stitch, multi culored quilting, in a variegated red/white thread and green.

This one I gave my viewers choice :-) it was really nice I thought, again surprised it didn't get a ribbon.

this one was just FUN- the note mentioned something about the maker being a teacher and teaching this technique- maybe silk?? I don't know, I forgot already.

nice BOLD colors :-)

QUAIL! how fun

hand appliqued- mostly needle turned but some button hole stitched too- looks like it got honorable mention.

This was actually the first one I saw when we came in.

very nice quilting, lovely feathers and squirly swirls, whatever you call them, surprised that didn't get a ribbon for the quilting.
Hmm, sometimes you just never know what the judges are looking for...

I really want to enter more local quilt shows- I missed the state fair this year and gave up on the county fair- last year it was such a mess and honestly- not displayed very nicely nor protected from sticky little fingers. But of course I'm happy that I did get ribbons for my quilts at the county fair the last two years. I just need to know about these local shows more in advance so I can sign up in time.
anyone know any tricks to finding out which ones there are?