Sunday, December 18, 2011

MUG rug ideas

I'm back from church and waiting for the time to go to the cookie exchange :-)
my kids are at a birthday party, so I figured I'd show a few fun ideas for MUG RUGS.
I played with EQ7

Starting with a mock up of the one I made 3 of for my kids teachers.

found this fun flying geese block

what about a Christmas present? I changed the ribbon, it was different in the original block but too fussy for me.

Gotta have an american flag mug rug too 

what about a cute heart for valentine's?

I saw this cute elephant, don't know who could use that, but it's cute isn't it?

Now a braid in greys with a black background.

how about some applique?

And a CRABBY mug rug

A different butterfly

since I had the american flag I HAD to try the danish flag too

and a simple school house

and a pineapple block

If any of you want the EQ file, let me know or just copy it yourself :-)


Lee Ann said...

Ohhh, I bookmarked this. I'm hoping to get EQ7 for Christmas. We'll see. I'm going to get it no matter what because I've waited long enough! LOL. :-)

Maybe I'll beg you for the file when I get the software; although, I dislike begging! LOL. :-)

Hillbilly Tonya said...

That elephant is cute! I like things that are out of the ordinary so he and the crab are my faves.

Cat said...

Thank you for posting these quick & easy ideas to give the teachers this Friday! I have been slow this year to get Christmas shopping done & projects due to an unexpected shoulder injury. I think I can manage 3-4 of these for a quick gift with some food to go with it.
Were you suggesting some of these EQ7 files were on your website somewhere? I only have EQ5, do you think they would still work?

Renate said...

Wonderful gift ideas Bea! Will have to start playing with my EQ7 a lot more.

Sandy said...

What a great idea! :)

Regina said...

Love these -especially the tree and crabby one. Do you have the file somewhere??? These would be great to add to 2012's plan!

Gari said...

If you are giving away the EQ file, I would love it. I am thinking of mug rugs as birthday gifts this year. Thanks.

GeeMa said...

I would love to have the EQ file for the mug rugs. They are soooo cute!

RobbieJoy said...

They are all sooo cute, and I have to try to make some!
However, did you know that if you are giving someone an elephant-thing, it's bad luck to give them one with the trunk down. It should be up to signify good luck.
I particularly like the pineapple, but that could be because bright yellow and blue are my fav colors!

Elly D said...

Oooooh! Thank you :)

AnnieLiz said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mug rugs! I'd love to have the EQ7 file ... how would I get it (without re-creating them)? Thanks for the ideas!

quilton said...

My husband was born and raised in Denmark and our grandson is very proud of his heritage. I think I'll take your idea of a Dansk mug rug and make a bookmark design for him using the Dannebrog.

Laila Mogensen said...

Wauv, they all look absolutely great. I just love playing around EQ7

Happy thoughts¨

Andee said...

I really like that last one--the pineapple one...I have a cool book on making those blocks and a ruler I had to have with it, that I have never used! Maybe one day I will at least make myself a little mug rug from it. Thanks for the ideas!

SewCalGal said...

Inspirational. I love all of your designs for making mug rugs. Now I definitely want to use EQ7 to stretch my imagination and creativity. I'm also interested in getting a copy of your EQ file, if you are willing to share. Thank you!

sewcalgal AT live DOT com

sheri said...

These are so cute I would also love a copy of the file

sheri said...

opps My contact is
Thank You and Merry Christmas

craftycm0m said...

I would love to have the pattern for EQ7. Thanks.

goldencomet said...

Love your mug rug ideas!! I definitely have the mug rug bug - amde 24 before Christmas. Mostly my own almost artsy designs. Doing a few other things now - but I have bookmarked your entry. No EQ but I can copy them. Thanks!!

Carla said...

Too Cute. thanks for sharing your ideas!

Bonnie said...

I'm reading back posts fromthe EQ Blog and followed the link here. I love the elephant mug rug. I need to make it for my daughter-in-law who loves elephants. She'll adore it. Thanks for sharing the ideas. Am I right to assume the elephant is a block in EQ 7? If not I have several pp books that must have an elephant in them.