Friday, August 19, 2011

busy busy again

I have been busy busy again.
First I have two identical customer quilts like this "monster"
it's foundation pieced on muslin so it was quite hard to chug thru on the Voyager, but it turned out great I think.

the center of the block have this cool foresty dragonfly and bugs print, so on the large green border I quilted leaves, meandering, and the occasional dragonfly! just did the leaves and meandering on the blocks.

this is the backing, it was HUGE.

now a friend from church gave me this little quilt to quilt for her, I think it was 32" or so square...
I practiced more rulerwork, she had given me the book that the pattern was from to get inspired by, I followed some of the quilting in it, some I did not, hopefully she'll like it :-)

ruler work on the baskets, corner to corner curve on the triangles, then a flower feather coming out from the darker triangles.( hard to see)

more ruler work on the flowers

the border had feathers in blue going all the way around
to treat myself I got 3 KITS from connecting threads, they were on sale, so I got them for a great price! here they are all washed and ready to be ironed

this weekend is my son's birthday party, we're having a pool party, Bjorn wanted a pool cake, so I looked it up online and even made my own marshmallow fondant, hollowed out a round cake etc, covered it with the fondant.

grass for the bottom rectangle, then ready for the blue jello!

well... DISASTER, the first batch of jello made the fondant split and leak, so it leaked all over the place, I then made another batch and patched up the bottom with whatever left fondant I had in green yuck and tried again, well it leaked a tiny bit, but it's stiff now and my son loves it so that's all that matters.

final touches, gummy bears inside gummy lifesavers floating in the pool and candles on the cake.

of course I had to sew and quilt inbetween and couldn't wait to start this table runner kit.

hard to tell but I did very dense bubbles all over the white.
ruler work on the watermelons and the blue border, the red border I did a curve starting at the stripes and stopping at the next stripe

I made a scrappy backing for all leftovers, I probably only have a handful of tiny scraps leftover, now that's SAVING!

cool how the quilting looks from the back!

another project I wanted to try is couching! this is my first try at it.
I had designed this simple quilt with veggie tales fabrics from and yarn from walmart...

I also wanted to share this link!
a friend from the hinterberg yahoo group- Vanessa who also has a blog here, made it on TV! she also won the next up youtube competition earlier this year, this girl is going places!!
I do want to do more youtube videos too with my quilting, what do you think? I actually got a mini tripod last night so I just need to practice and have fun, I do LOVE what I do...

check out the link


Kathryn D. Duke said...

your cake was great!!!Hope the party was fun!!

Laura said...

Oh wow, I love that cake! Well done you!

beaquilter said...

thanks to both, the cake got eaten and the kids had fun at the party!