Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini bow tie quilt and old quilt

lately when I bought all this fabric from I've sort of made a resulution that I should use all the left over scraps to make another quilt, mini or baby or whatever, or even cut into pieces with my accuquilt...

So I was looking at a mini quilt book I have and made this bow tie quilt, I've made this one 4 times as big from FQs when my dog was a puppy and he had it for a long time in his crate, but it got too nasty when I one day came home and he had explosive poop all over it while I was out, so instead of washing it AGAIN, i tossed it, I don't think he was too upset about it?!

Well this one is all girly and I gave it to my daughter to play with as a doll quilt/ teddy bear quilt, she really doesn't play with dolls, just her stuffed animals

My daughter took my camera and took pictures of her OLD quilt, this was the first quilt I ever made while pregnant with her almost 7 yrs ago, this quilt is SO loved and tattered, I keep washing it and I've patched it up several times but I can't anymore, the border and binding is in such bad shape that I just can't work with it anymore, without making a new border and/ or adding new batting/ binding, but then it won't be the same cuddly quilt it is now, so I'm leaving it alone.

look at the binding falling apart on the bottom right and the patch on the left, when I used to patch it up I would get an off white fabric to match but it looked so stark white compared to the dingy faded off white the quilt was... sigh... but my daughter loved it.

has any of you tried to fix a quilt like this without making it stiff?? or changing it completely?

oh, the quilting threads have falled out a lot too.
I just want to put it on a shelf and leave it alone, but that's the ONE thing she won't let go of! she LOVES it.
Last year when I took my kids back hom to Denmark, my husband was staying here, we asked her if she had a choice between bringing daddy to DK or her blanket to DK which would she choose....???

She couldn't decide!
LOL :-)
( my husband got over the rejection quickly though- she shows her love to him every day)

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Leeann said...

That's the best compliment a quilt loved to rags.